Welcome to "Bill Mitchell Lighthouse Art", revison 2024.  I first built this site in 2006 with Siteground's free Zen design tool.  In 2019 Siteground discontinued Zen support, which forced me to rebuild the site with a new design tool.  I chose Joomla with the goal of making a full rebuild by the summer of 2020.  Covid 19 set me back a bit, but finally in 2024 I had enough energy to continue the rebuild. So if you visit my website with any regularity, hopefully you will see some changes which new revision dates at the bottom of changed pages will confirm.

So, what is the first sketch that I show to you?  Not a lighthouse, but a picture  of me. I have included it for two reasons: first it quickly shows you an example of my current sketch style, and second I am curious if any of my Mason City, IA, 1966 classmates would recognize me.  Probably not, although I often did draw toads and elephants back then.  Why?  I have no idea!


 Bill Mitchell Lighthouse Art - May 30, 2024